Scaling brands for the Urban Indian.
A Speed ScalingTM Ecosystem by Anthill.

A Speed ScalingTM Platform for consumer brands, appealing to the Urban Indian consumer. We provide market access, celebrity engagement, mentorship and brand building support to early-stage startups


We curate, Invest, and help scale consumer brands that are engrained in the everyday life and ethos of the Urban Indian.

Targeted interventions to create business opportunities for the startups and program partners

Program designed to scale 5-9 startups over a 6-12 month period

Market access, sales & distribution support, and mentorship in addition to focused marketing & brand building advisory by partner agencies

We scale brands as diverse as the Urban Indian consumer themselves. Representative of the ethos, and engrained in their daily lives, the brands we work with are built For and By the Urban Indian consumer. For the first cohort, we will select startups from Personal Care, Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverages , Health & Nutrition, Consumer Tech and E-Commerce




01 sept

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10 Jan


03 Feb

Program Launch & Bootcamp

03 Aug

Demo Day & Cohort Completion


Want to scale your consumer brand?

Providing market access and advisory to Urban Indian startups.

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Curating and accelerating partnerships for corporates.

Finding the right investments?

Creating smart opportunities for our investors.

Interested in shaping the future brands of Urban India?

Mentorship opportunities for professionals, with flexibility and incentive options

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